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AllenManor is owned by engineer/producer Richard Allen. Richard has spent many years working in the studio and running ‘live’ front of house sound for major acts over years, from John Parr to John Waite, as well as broadcast audio for recordings and live sound broadcasts. At the heart of AllenManor is it’s Mastering facility from a simple WAV to CD through to full EQ Mastering services or even a high end DDP to CD. All our master CD services include full PQ and meta data enclosing to full RED BOOK CD standards.

Richard has been creating CD masters for over 25 years for many artistes and record companies alike, his knowledge steps all the way through UPC barcodes, ISRC logging and all other forms of data for inclusion on your CD master. The studio also incorporates high end mixing with ProTools and full NEVE outboard along with full ‘live’ recording for ProTools. Richard also presents a radio show aimed at new unsigned and indie music of all genres from around the world. The show re-launches in 2020 and will incorporate artiste videos as well as their music.

Web: www.allenmanor.co.uk

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