Burn a CD in 3 easy steps

So you want to know how to burn a CD. Doing the burning process at home is easy when the number of CDs to be burned is less. You could copy the songs of your favourite artist or bands or computer software at home with less cost and time. Here are the steps to follow … Read more

CD Copying – No simple task!

CD copying can be done in the comfort of your home. It can also be quite cheap to do it. You only need a blank CD, a Cd writer/burner attached to your PC and a CD burning software. But the process is easier said than done. Seeking an expert service has many advantages over DIY. … Read more

Printing CD: 3 important facts about expert service.

Printing CD’s is still a very convenient way of distributing your creative content. Lately, people’s affinity for aesthetically pleasing things has ballooned. They want everything to be colourful and eye-catchy. Thus everyone would prefer things that have artwork to plain ones. Same happens with the media world, especially with CDs. It is inevitable to have … Read more

4 Good Reasons why CDs are still relevant.

CD Duplicating: Spotify, iTunes, Sound clouds… the list goes on. Digital revolution happening in every stratum of the world, so in the music industry. Like Apple iPad advertisement, today you can carry thousands of music in your pocket. While all these sophisticated additions of new technologies and knocking out the obsolete ones, the CD is … Read more

What are the differences between the CD and the DVD?

We often hear about CD and DVD in our daily life but might not have thought why both are considered different even though they look similar. They are identical in composition and the purpose for which these have been using. Though exist a few yet important distinctions between them.  Let’s know more about CDs and … Read more