What are the differences between the CD and the DVD?

We often hear about CD and DVD in our daily life but might not have thought why both are considered different even though they look similar. They are identical in composition and the purpose for which these have been using. Though exist a few yet important distinctions between them.  Let’s know more about CDs and … Read more

Top 10 music schools in the UK.

Music education gained importance over time. Nowadays, more people pursuing music as a career than a hobby, all because of the wide opportunity lies in front of them. To some extent, the sparkling success of millennial bands influenced more young minds to enrol in music professions. If you are thinking to pursue music as a … Read more

6 highest-paid music-careers in the UK

According to the 2018 report around 145,815 individuals were employed full time in the UK music industry. Apart from sparkling careers like the lyricist, song composer, music producer, there are various other possibilities open for music lovers. Have you ever thought only a musician or those who have a sophisticated knowledge of music could work … Read more