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Have you been dreaming of making it big into the Limelight? Have you ever wanted to play it like the big stars and publish your own album? Making your own professional Band CD has never been so easy and affordable. Give it as a gift to friends and family or sell them to make a profit. VP Online can help you make your own professional grade CD!

VP Online offers CD burning services throughout the UK to a wide range of clients. With our high-quality Grade A discs, VP Online can guarantee that we offer the very best cd burning results for your projects. We have more than 20 years experience in the industry. Our primary focus is to ensure that we provide a quality service. Our customers should never have to regret the choice they have made. We strive to maintain effective communication though the process. If customers are happy, they keep coming back to us. Our Customers can vouch for of our standards of service and quality of our work.

Our customers have been generous in leaving reviews and a quick look through them will give you the confidence to entrust your next work to us. We can beat or match any like for like a quote for CD Burning services in the UK.

CD Burning Process

Top blank Grade A CD’s are sourced and using burning software the digital content supplied by you will get burned on it. This technique is more cost-effective for smaller batches. If you need to get the CDs ready quickly, then cd burning is the best choice because it has a shorter turnaround time.

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The process called CD Burning involves burning data directly onto a recordable CD-R (‘readable’) disc. CD burning essentially involves copying discs on to another through two possible methods – Duplication and Replication.

Our process works by copying CDs at a low speed to minimise the risk of any errors. The duplication machine is then able to pick up any faulty CDs and discard them so it’s not mixed in with the perfect ones.

CD Print Type

Inkjet Printing are similar to inkjet printing on paper and is effective for short-runs. It’s not ideal for full coverage of solid covers and can be difficult to colour match, expecially pantones. Another disadvantage is that frequent handling can cause smudging.

Thermal Gloss Printing is similar to standard printing but it adds a gloss lacquer coat on the disc giving the colours, text and graphic images a glossy, fully waterproof, UV protected disc leaving you with a professionally finished product. It’s best suited for full colour photographic high-gloss designs.

CD Packaging Options
CD Bulk Wrapped
Clear Plastic Wallets
Slimline CD Case Black/Clear (Inlay Available)
Cardboard Wallets (Printed/Not Printed)
CD Spindle
Clamshell Clear
CD Jewel Case Black /Clear (Inlay Available)
Standard DVD Case Black/Clear (Inlay Available)

VP Online  has been in the business of serving their clients in need of CD Duplication services for years. We have expanded our service offers and product line to include DVD Duplication, flash drives and more. Aiming to ensure that all clients are served with high-quality packaging options, VP Online boasts of a selection of CD and DVD packaging options to include the Eco Jacket, Eco Wallets, Digipacks, DVD Style Digipacks, Jewel cases, Slim Jewel Cases, Amaray Cases, Blu-Ray cases, Generic Packaging and more. Also available are Flash Drives Packaging options to include the Classic packaging, swivel, leather, cards, stainless, wood, pen, key, wrist wear and more.

Types of CD’s

Generally, there are two types of CDs available – Compact disc-recordable or CD-R and Compact disc-rewritable or CD-RW.
CD-R can be written once and reads as many times as we want. So the data inside CD-R is permanent. While CD-RW can be written, read or re-written anytime. Each of these has got different logical formats. Here we have listed ten such formats.

Turnaround Times

At VP Online you can save heaps of time with our state-of-the-art in-house machines. Our duplication equipment is capable of duplicating thousands of discs a day, so we can ensure you receive your orders at quick turn-around times.

Turnaround times will vary based on orders and availability of materials. It’s usually around  3-14 working days. But if you have a deadline, mention this in the notes section or call us and we will try to delivery before your deadline.

Furthermore, we strive to offer competitive rates, the best in the industry. There is a minimum order of 25 CD, using premium CD-R discs and offer a full-face colour on-body CD disc printing service on request. We also offer a DVD Duplication service in the UK.

Alternatively, we also offer a CD Replication service – which is fantastic if you’re after higher quantities at the lowest possible price (minimum orders apply).

If you would like more information on our service – please contact us on info@vponline.co.uk or call us on 01241 874 749. Our Address and full contact details are on the Contact page.

You can also order a free sample to check out the quality of our work.

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