4 Good Reasons why CDs are still relevant.

CD Duplicating: Spotify, iTunes, Sound clouds… the list goes on. Digital revolution happening in every stratum of the world, so in the music industry. Like Apple iPad advertisement, today you can carry thousands of music in your pocket.

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While all these sophisticated additions of new technologies and knocking out the obsolete ones, the CD is the only entity that has been in the music market without being outdated since 1982.

According to sales statistics, CD sales in America and Japan are going quite well even after the incoming of digitalised music. Hence apparent that CD had its importance in the earlier time and still has. (Do you want to know why Japan has more old-fashioned music stores than anywhere else in the world? Click here)

CD Duplicating : What makes it relevant!?

1. Feeling of Ownership

Basic human psychology says a person’s affinity towards physical things would be more than virtual stuff. See, if you are a hardcore Ed Sheeran fan, whether would you like to have an autographed CD of him or just gets his songs downloaded in your phone? Indeed, everyone goes for CD signed by him!

The feeling of ownership comes along with the joy of holding it. If it has beautiful artwork in it, nothing can hold you from purchasing a CD. That is why CD, even after the whole digitalisation occurred around the world, still here with a bang.

2. Growth of a new band

Starting from scratch requires lots of hard work, money and endurance. Budding bands or solo artists initially need to create a fan base and reaching out to them before the fame falls upon the musicians. The task of creating a consistent audience is easier said than done. During that time, the only way to make your music play in people’s ear is through CDs. Every famous musician might have experienced the perks of CDs at their growing stage.

To make your band famous, the first thing you have to do is duplicate as much as the CD you can (we provide bulk CD duplicating services all around the UK at reasonable prices) that has your music in and distribute among the audience. Maybe you could be the next The Beatles!
Since CD has got a “Godfather” image among the budding music talents, secured its place in the music market yet again.

3. Revenue for musicians

The new technological progress added many advantages to CD Duplicating. Now the process takes less time and money, CDs can be ready within time and much cheaper rate. Eventually, there will be a considerable increase in the revenue of musicians. Selling CDs bring rather much income to musicians, bands and labels.

Majority of new edition cars, as well as the old ones, have CD player inbuilt in them. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music while driving?. You might be wondering how we all are attached to CDs in our day-to-day life even without knowing it!

4. Improved sound quality

The new version CDs have got a higher sound quality, unlike the previous ones. The high fidelity files make them produce better, in fact, much better audio quality than some digital music. CDs are just going with the flow of this fast-changing world, that is why they haven’t gone extinct yet.

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