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CD Replication

CD Replication

At VP online we offer our CD Replication services and Duplication services from as little as 25 units per order. With these volumes in mind – we still offer a cost-effective solution for small or large run orders with a rapid rate of production. And because we’re confident with our high quality of work, we can match or beat any offer for CD Replication.

Replication is a CD manufacturing process where discs are moulded from melted polycarbonate plastic with the music or video content on it. It’s done in a controlled environment using injection moulding equipment to make the discs from raw materials.

CD replication involves capturing your master data (such as audio) and ‘pressing’ the discs during the manufacturing from a glass master. This creates a perfect version of your original master recording. The discs we engrave on to are also known as a CD-ROM (Read-Only Memory) discs (as opposed to CD-R which means CD-‘Readable’).

For orders of 1000 above, cd replication is the most economic method. While the initial cost of producing the glass master and formatting the machines are high, the subsequent process is cheaper and requires very little manual intervention.

To Know more about replication process, click here.

We also offer a DVD Duplication and DVD Replication service

  • CD product type: High-end grade AAA+ CD and DVD service
  • Printing process onto discs: Litho & Silk Print
  • Printing: 5- colour CYMK
  • Packaging solutions: CD cases, cardboard wallets, Digipak 4pn, clear wallets and more
  • Samples: An e-mail layout proof can be sent on request before production has commenced

If you would like more information on our CD Replication services – please contact us on info@vponline.co.uk or call us on 01241 874 749.

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