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Custom CD Printing/Personalised CD Printing for Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties and more. Thought about having a personalised picture or photograph on your DVD or CD discs? Then we have the answer!

In VP Online, we offer HD custom CD printing with short turnaround time. When you do printing at home, artworks often gets squished.

We fully take care of image resolution and reproduce exact artwork on the CD or CD packaging without being streaked.

Our in-house fast duplicator gets your order ready within a short time.

You may choose from our collection of packaging option to match your orders.

Are you confused about which CD packaging to choose? No worries, we will help you out. Check out our video on Types of CD Packaging.

Whether it is the short run or long run orders, all you have to do is upload your artwork after checking out.

We are always ready to assist you with artwork designing and bring you exactly what you wish for.


With our CUSTOM CD DVD PRINTING services, we can print your special occasion on to one of our blank disc products with your very own personalised message and photo image – making it the perfect gift.

So if you’re looking to surprise someone with a new CD, why not also have a photo of them on the front directly printed with Inkjet or Thermal print?

Maybe you’re a wedding photographer or specialise in wedding photography and would like to have your own personalised company disc with your business name, company logo or even a photo image with a quick turnaround.

We can print this directly onto a disc and keep the data blank enabling photos or other data to be added later.


Whether its gifts you’re after or a simple memoir – our Inkjet printing for CD/DVD are the way to go.

The inkjet printing process used for finely detailed artwork to get a very efficient custom cd printing.

It performs in four colour process cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Need to apply a gloss UV lacquer to every disk as the ink is water-based.

They’re similar to inkjet printing on paper with your desktop printer.

Only discs with an inkjet optimised print surface can be used for this process.

Best suited for partial and full-colour reproduction of images including photos 

Quick and cost-effective for short runs

Can be difficult to colour match, especially pantones

Can become expensive for longer production runs

Not ideal for full coverage of solid colours.

Not ideal if the disc is to be frequently handled as smudging can occur if the inkjet printed disc comes into contact with liquids.


The thermal gloss printer uses the same method of printing as standard inkjet for your artwork then after printing is done a gloss lacquer is coated on the disc giving the colours, text and graphic images a glossy, fully waterproof, UV protected disc leaving you with a professionally finished product with fast turnaround.

Only discs with a special inkjet surface coating can be used in this process.

  • Best suited for full colour photographic high-gloss designs.
  • Great for high quality short run professional finish.
  • Print is scratch proof, UV proof and waterproof, therefore ideal for retail applications.
  • Print quality is of a higher standard than traditional on-body screen-printing.

There are two types of thermal transfer printing suitable for custom CD printing:

1. Single Colour:

  • The simplest form of custom CD printing.
  • Ideal for black text only – title, number etc.
  • Low print resolution.


2. Full colour:

  • Smudge resistant
  • Suitable for printing large texts.


  • CDs can be custom printed quickly.
  • Scratch-resistance.
  • Suitable for printing CD-ROM and music CDs


  • High-quality custom CD printing.
  • Expensive
  • Best suited for large quantity orders.
  • Used for printing DVD-ROM and movie DVDs
  To see our DVD packaging print solutions we can create (such as card wallets and jewel cases (amongst other options)) – view our DVD Printing page here. If you would like any help on the suitability of your disc design, or more information on our personalised disc prints – please contact us on info@vponline.co.uk or call us on 01241 874 749 and we will be glad to assist you.

Design Inspirations

You can either use free online services like canvas, VismeStencil, or we are able to assist you with providing you with a professional design to go into your personalised/ custom cd dvd prints