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7 Dos and Don’ts of CD artwork design.

You may have to keep in mind some Do’s and Dont’s while designing a CD. A slight mistake in the bulk of CDs can cause an enormous loss of money and time. A perfect CD artwork design will help not only in increasing album sales but also in defining the music. It is a hard nut to crack since the design should reflect who you are as an artist. If you are planning to design an album cover, here are some “Do’s and Dont’s” that you should bear in mind.

DO it yourself!

No one can flawlessly define your music but you. Nowadays artists are designing album covers for saving up some money on expensive designers or want to show the world their hidden talent. Reasons can be many.

You are more than free to design your album cover. You just need to make sure you know the basics of designing and know your way around the Softwares and tools useful for the purpose. It is advisable to seek the help of your friend or anyone who has a handful experience in CD artwork design.

Professional Designing Softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign can produce stunning design for your cd artwork. The learning curve to master these softwares are quite steep. There’s a new wave of cloud based software tools which are quite easy to master and can produce very high quality cd artwork. Some of them are Canva, Adobe Spark, etc

Here’s a link to get started with Canva pretty quickly

DON’T expect it to be perfect for the first time.

If you are designing the album cover and have got no previous experience in it, never expect it come out as perfect for the first time. You may have to watch tutorial videos or read books on cd artwork design before diving into the designing endeavour. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

A good starting point is to download the blank Artwork Templates for your media type from our website.

DO use catchy images and artworks.

Putting catchy images and artwork can grab the attention of audiences and compel them to buy a copy. This technique has never been outdated ever since. You can try a wide range of options from selecting a unique material for the packaging to provide some freebies for the audience. Indeed, a great marketing technique to skyrocket the sales of your music as well. Always take expert advice before designing an album cover. Because a cover says it all.

DO look for inspirations!

If you are running out of design ideas, browse the internet for famous album covers to be inspired. You can also visit stores or check out music magazines for the same. Note down the design ideas you may get from famous album covers and try to fit it in yours. DO NOT straight away copy the designs, always make sure you have added a personal touch on it.

DON’T include freebies that cost more than your album.

Do not go for expensive freebies like T-shirts and Funko collectables that cost almost the same as the CDs unless you have a sponsor. Only a hardcore fan would prefer buying such expensive items, otherwise a regular buyer would think twice before buying it. Adding more freebies may badly influence your album sales.

DO use readable fonts.

While preparing your cd artwork design for album cover, make sure that your band name and title are readable. Avoid using fonts that stick the letters too close, which make them unreadable. Always consult a graphic designer before finalising a font for your album.

DO check spelling.

One of the common errors is spelling mistakes. It makes you look so amateur instead of professional. Hence such small slips may sometimes cause huge setbacks on your music career. DO bear in mind to avoid such trivial yet big mistakes.

DO mind the copyright.

When you look for ideas, try not to copy other design straight away. It may lead to copyright issues in the future. Only takes the inspiration, not the whole design. And keep your album safe from copyright violations.

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