Duplicating Cds or replicating them: which one you should choose

Duplicating Cds or Replicating? Are you planning to release your new album? And confused about what to choose? CD Duplication or CD replication? No worries, we will help you out.
CDs have never been outdated ever since it introduced into the media market, even new edition cars still have inbuilt CD players. Up to an extent, CD sales play a major role in generating a decent revenue for the musicians across the world. You can read the article “4 reasons why CDs are still relevant” in here.

The purpose of replicating CDs and duplicating them is the same but the process is different, rather say a blurred line separating these two. And understanding the processes will help you decide which one is suitable for your needs.
If you are fascinated about CD’s history, Philips has got a great article on “The History Of The CD“. Check that out.

Replicating CDs

Replication is a CD manufacturing process where discs are moulded from melted polycarbonate plastic with the music or video content on it.
How is it done? It is through a process called mastering. Mastering is the process of etching small holes, whenever binary 1’s occurs, on an optical grade glass coated with the light-sensitive chemical.

Then the glass is dipped in a Nickel solution, so it gets electroplated. After peeling off the excess nickel, edges trimmed, and the centre is punched, it becomes a stamper. The stamper is the negative of the original content. Then the stamper gets mounted on the mould cavity of the Injection moulding machine. The machine makes replicas of CD which has the content on it within 2 – 3 seconds.
The CD replicating process can be done when more than thousands of copies needed. Usually, filmmakers or music producers or band seeks CD replication technique.

Replication, otherwise termed as CD production, where the CDs are produced alongside burning with contents. Replication services are available everywhere, hence more chances of getting it ready in the short-run and at a cheaper price.

Duplicating CDs

When the replicas of the CD requires in hundreds, then go for duplicating CDs. Here high-quality blank CDs are purchased and using burning software the contents get burned on it.
CD duplication technique is more cost-effective for smaller batches. If you need to get the CDs ready quickly, then duplication is the best choice because it has a shorter turnaround time.

From the perspective of sound or video quality, there isn’t any difference between the two processes. Duplicating Cds is a new technology, so the replicas produced by duplication technique might not play in old players. Though it happens infrequently.

To avoid such problems, VP Online uses the very highest quality blank discs. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

CD and DVD duplication could be done at home, but to avoid unnecessary mistakes while doing so, you better have it done by the experts. For the best CD and DVD duplication services in the UK, connect with us. We provide better quality duplication services at a comparatively cheaper rate and short turnaround time.

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