DVD Duplication

DVD DuplicationDVDs have got more storage space than CD, hence it can hold up to 17.08 GB on a dual-layer, dual-sided disc and 4.7 GB of data on a single-sided layer. To know more about DVDs, click here.

The process of disc Duplication involves burning data directly onto a recordable DVD-R (‘readable’) disc. CD/DVD duplication essentially involves copying discs on to another through two possible methods – Duplication and Replication.

At VP Online you can save heaps of time with our efficient in-house Duplication service. Our duplication equipment is capable of duplicating thousands of DVDs a day so we can ensure you receive your duplications fast.

Our process works by copying DVDs at a low speed to minimise the risk of any errors. The duplication machine is then able to pick up any faulty DVDs and discard them so it’s not mixed in with the perfect ones.

We’re proud to offer competitive rates for our Duplication service using premium DVD-R discs, and offer a full-face colour on-body DVD disc printing service on request. We also offer a CD Duplication service in the UK.

We also offer a DVD Replication service – which is fantastic if you’re after higher quantities at the lowest possible price (minimum orders apply).

If you would like more information on our Duplication service – please contact us on info@vponline.co.uk or call us on 01241 874 749.

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