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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an instant online page that you can get instant quotes and place an order. If you are happy with the quote you can then place the order. You will then be asked to fill out the form. You can also add any messages or notes we might need to know. You can also add an option to deliver to another address which can be specified. Once an order is completed and paid for, then you have the option to upload your artwork.

The turnaround time will vary on a few things from how busy we are to how many deadlines we might have for that week. So the standard turnaround time can be anything from 3-14 working days. If you have a deadline for an event, please get in touch first before you place an order. Please do not place an order and then later mention the deadline as we might find it difficult to honour the deadline and will be forced to reject it. You can e-mail info@vponline.co.uk to enquire about a deadline request or in turn also phone 01241 874 749 during office hours. We also have some customers who place an order then a few days later mention a deadline. Again this might cause problem so always check first if you have a deadline, please

Upload it online at from the link https://vponline.co.uk/artwork-upload/ or email artwork to info@vponline.co.uk quoting your Name and address for the order you would have placed For artwork specifications and templates etc. please see the link below https://vponline.co.uk/artwork-upload/

You can post the master or a copy CD or DVD to the below address please make sure you also include your name, address and a contact number or e-mail. We recommend sending signed for or Special Delivery .

The disc you send will be copied like for like so please make sure you have fully checked it before sending. A few examples of some processes are below:

 o MP3 CD master = MP3 CD duplication 
o Data CD master = Data CD duplication 
o Audio CD master = Audio CD duplication
 o Data DVD master = Data DVD duplication
 o DVD Video master = DVD Video duplication
 o Software DVD master = Software DVD duplication
 So if you want the CDs that play in domestic CD players you must send an Audio CD If you want DVDs that play in domestic DVD players you must send a DVD Video.
 If the master or copy you send has any errors these will be copied on to the duplication of the CDs or DVDs as well. So it’s very important to fully check the disc.
 We strongly advise customers not to use applications which use the built in disc burning utilities of your operating system. These include Windows Media Player.
 These products do not always create a suitable master and we cannot guarantee the compatibility of your duplicated discs. 
Some software you will find will be fine are Nero or Roxio. 
Both brands will offer trials and FREE light versions of their software for personal use which can be found through internet searches. 
We do extensive checking to ensure your duplicates are 1:1 replicas of your master. However, we cannot amend or edit your master in any way. This include change tracks or the volume.

We will need to make up a physical master for Duplication process to work. If you send this in the post, there is no extra fee to make a master disc.

If you want us to create the master for you from files you send by upload then please make sure you have selected this option on the instant quote page under “duplication” – prices will show on the instant quote page but you can also see these below.
o You sending a master or copy by post – NO FEE (The files on your duplicates will be identical to the files on your master – so make sure you send the master in the format that you want to receive the duplicates).
 o We can also take .ISO, .IMG, .NRG, or .Bin/.Cue – £10.00 (This option is only available for the above listed image formats) .
o WAV to CD basic with will not include any Text or ISRC codes £10.00 
o DATA files to CD/DVD – £10.00
 o AVI/MP4 files to DVD (Basic footage only to DVD) £10.00 
o DDP to CD £20.00 
o WAV to CD with text and ISRC codes £35.00 .
If you would like any of service please contact us for a tailed quote.

The brand of CDs and DVDs we use are high quality professional grade AAA rated CD/DVD discs for all duplication jobs. Our cases are also a Grade A case, and for printing print on silk paper at 130gsm or card at 350gm with digital printing. Printed parts use the highest quality paper and highest weight in the industry

Sorry, we don’t offer accounts to customer or business at the moment but this might change later   All jobs must be paid first before work is started on them

We can offer you a few option for this if you need help. 

You can find freelancer who are specialist in CD and DVD design at https://www.fiverr.com/ or you can download a simple to use software as a free trial from https://www.acoustica.com/cd-label-maker/
 if you would like to try this yourself.
 We also have a team in house that can help for a fee.

You might find very old CD and DVD players used to have difficulty playing CD-R and DVD-R discs. This was due to their lasers not being designed with these discs in mind. However this is an extremely rare problem as many older players become less common.

Duplication and Replication are two methods of copying your CD and DVDs Duplication is done using a duplication towers and the disc type is recordable discs. It is suitable for small jobs (up to approximately 1000 copies) due to a lower setting up cost. Replication is done using a Glass Master which is done by stamping the data onto the CD or DVD. It has higher setup costs and turnaround time is longer, however this method has cost benefits when many copies are required (we can do these from 500 discs on request). There is an area of overlap where both Duplication and Replication can be used, typically when copying between 500 and 1000 discs. The decision to use one or the other method at these quantities will be driven not by price, but by secondary advantages/disadvantages of each method, which is usually the turnaround time. 

 In summary, Duplication has fast turnaround time, and is suitable for for runs under 1000 disc copies. Replication has slower turnaround times, and can be started from as little as 500 copies.
  If you would like a replication quote you will need to contact with your request on this by e-mail at info@vponline.co.uk our instant quote page will only show prices for duplication jobs.

Returns are accepted if there is a fault with the product or print. However, as each product is customized and cannot be resold, we are unable to accept returns if you change your mind or no fault is present. For more information on this please check out T&Cs https://vponline.co.uk/terms-conditions-privacy-policy/