6 highest-paid music-careers in the UK

According to the 2018 report around 145,815 individuals were employed full time in the UK music industry.

Apart from sparkling careers like the lyricist, song composer, music producer, there are various other possibilities open for music lovers.

Have you ever thought only a musician or those who have a sophisticated knowledge of music could work in the music industry? The fact is musicians receive only a meagre percentage of revenue the music industry makes. Most of the highest paying jobs are done by non-musicians.

Here are the 6 highest paid music careers in the UK:

1. Promoters and Marketers

If you enjoy doing creative work, you would love this job. The main aim of a social media marketer is to promote the concert, other music shows etc through social media. You can’t be a promoter overnight. You should have a grassroots level of knowledge on the music taste of people in your area. You then need to find an artist that will help you get public exposure. An experienced person could earn £12,000 to £60,000, bigger agencies and artists could pay more.

2. Music publisher

Music publishers safeguard the songs from piracy. They issue copyright contracts to use the music commercially. So one of the primary roles of the publisher is to secure released recordings, CDs, and tapes of the songs it controls. A music publisher could earn £15,000 to £ 7,00,000.

3. Media producer

A media producer supervises and evaluates the effective use of audio, video print and digital content for the music promotional purposes. They manage a set of media production services including, black & white / colour printing, duplication, binding, edit recording and processes media to variable formats (DVD, CD or data file). A media producer could earn £ 25,000 to £ 1,00,000.

4. Concert Producers

As its name signifies, a person who coordinates a concert from planning the event to estimating the financial gain/loss. One of the best qualities a concert producer should have is organising skills. For organising a concert, they could get £ 30,000 to £ 90,000.

5. Sound Designer

Their job is to design music tracks that uplift the aesthetic of films, TV shows, etc. Sound designers have got many career options, they could work as a sound designer in the media industry or in a theatre or in the video gaming field. An experienced sound designer could earn £ 25,000 to £ 80,000.

6. Video Game Composer

Video game composer composes soundtrack apt for games. In the earlier times, the gaming industry used to use simple pieces of music, but as the gaming graphics advances, there is a hike in demand for the sophisticated soundtrack. A video game composer could earn £ 23,000 to £ 60,000.

Over the years, the music industry has constantly adapted to emerging technologies. Integration of music with technologies has widened the job opportunities as well.

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