10 types of compact discs

We use CDs for many purposes, to write songs, movies and even computer programs. But most of us are not aware of the CDs available in the market. Each of them has got specific purposes so while selecting a CD you should know which kind is suitable for your needs. 

Generally, there are two types of CDs available – Compact disc-recordable or CD-R and Compact disc-rewritable or CD-RW. To know more about them click here.

1. Audio CD

CD-R can be written once and reads as many times as we want. So the data inside CD-R is permanent. While CD-RW can be written, read or re-written anytime. Each of these has got different logical formats. Here we have listed ten such formats. There you go

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music? Everyone does! We often look for mediums that provide you with great quality audio. So one such is audio CDs. They are officially named as Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA, developed by Sony and Philips. The audio CDs belong to the Red Book document and the format is a 16-bit encoding at 44.1 kHz sampling rate.
To include song name, artist name or storage of additional text we use CD-text extension.  

While on the other hand if you want to include graphics data to display lyrics on the screen along with the audio, the compact disc contains the graphic extension is better. An upgraded version of this is also available to display text and video information while playing music. A CD maker could select a suitable cd according to your need.

2. Super Audio CD (SACD)

CDs have been one among those electronic inventions which constantly improved over time. From the time CDs invented till now, they are in use. The latest technologies influenced CDs to become more and more sophisticated.

The CD maker, Sony & Philips designed SACDs to provide highly accurate digital audio than the Red Book one. The SACD belongs to the Scarlet Book standard. It is a hybrid version which has both audio CD layer and SACD audio stream.


CD-MIDIs are mostly handled by professionals. They are used to store music performance data. Audio recording writes in these CDs is not digitally sampled.


Many years back, we would use CDs only for storing audio files. After the Yellow Book CD-ROM standard was established by Sony & Philips, CDs are using for the storage of computer data as well. The physical format of CD-ROMs is like audio CDs but only readable by a computer with a CD-ROM drive.

5. Video CD (VCD)

VCD is also known as compact disc digital video. These formats are used for storing standard digital video files on a CD which only works in VCD players, DVD-Video players, personal computers, etc. Lifewire has written an informative article on 8 best CD players if you are interested check that out here . It belongs to the White Book standard, developed by Sony, Philips, Matsushita & JVC.
VCDs acted as a catalyst for the growth of the film industry to a considerable extent.

6. Super Video CD

Super Video CDs are similar to the VCD and DVD-Video formats. It has around 2/3rd the resolution of DVD and 2.7 times the resolution of VCD. The maximum video length a Super Video CD can carry is 100 minutes. 

7. Photo CD

As its name implies, these CDs are used for storing photos. It can hold up to 100 high-quality images, scanned prints and slides. Photo CDs belong to the Beige Book format, designed by Kodak. These formats play only on CD-i players, Photo CD player and the computer with suitable software. With the use of a Kodak machine, the photos can be printed out on a paper. 

8. CD-i

CD-i holds audio tracks that can be played on a regular CD player. Belongs to the Green Book standard and developed by Phillips. These discs will not work in CD-Rom drives.

9. Enhanced Music CD (CD+)

Enhanced Music CDs are also known as CD Extra or CD Plus. It contains both the audio track in the first session and data tracks in the second. Belongs to the Blue Book standard.

10. Vinyl Disc

From the name itself clear that Vinyl Disc is a hybrid version of standard audio CD and the Vinyl record. It is used for storing music files. The vinyl layer of the CD can hold up to 3 minutes of music. For those who love hearing music from a vinyl record, this one is the best alternative.

The invention of CD and DVD have helped many to get started with new business, a few among them are CD printer and DVD printer services, CD reproduction and DVD reproduction etc. For cheap cd pressing services from the best cd maker in the UK, contact us.

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