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Video to DVD Service In UK

Video to Dvd
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At VP Online we believe we all have memories we wish to preserve and that you should transfer video to DVD to watch their favourite movies and recorded film footage.

We’ve copied hours upon hours of footage; in fact, we have many years of experience that we convert many of the major video formats like Beta Mac, VHS, VHSC, Hi8, Digital8 or MiniDV to DVD format.

Preserve your memories using our services. Choose us to transfer and convert your video footage to DVD. We only use the best technology and highest quality DVDs, so you’re guaranteed that the process is incredibly liable – giving you only the most beautiful end-product.


  • Capturing the video footage.
  • The video tape is connected to an analogue to digital converter which ‘cleans’ the footage before converting it into a format readable by the computer.
  • Editing (if requested).
  • Your footage can be edited allowing you to remove unwanted footage, rearrange the footage, add titles, music and many other functions. We find this is perfect for family
  • Menu and Chapter points.
  • Unlike many other firms, your DVD from VP Online will be complete with a full menu system. With your chapter points placed at 15min intervals. (approx)
  • Burning DVD. (Optional Extra)
  • Your DVD will be presented in a DVD case featuring a glossy printed cover. The cover will be high quality paper and print, featuring a picture of your choice. The DVD disc is also printed. Not a sticky label but an actual printed DVD. (other choices are available) and returned to you by post.
  • Your original Beta Mac, VHS, VHSC, Hi8, Digital8 or miniDV video tapes, etc… along with your new DVD will be returned.
  • £5.00 For 90mins of tape to DVD or £10.00 over this up to 3 hours per tape
    • (UK returns delivery £3.50 )